he Legend of Frog (WT)


is the next chapter in the CatGhost series where you “inspire” and take control of a random inhabitant in the troubled town of Risket and embark on an adventure. Now “inspired” you explore a vast, procedurally generated overworld full of Catacombs, crystal caverns, old churches, and clearings to slay or help creatures to collect the legendary Star Stones and return them back to the town. However the three gods: Kopu, Ribu, and Pazu want your stones and will do anything to get them. Bargain, guilt, negotiate, beg, threaten, or even fight with one another. What will you do? Return the Star Stones to the town for safekeeping, or give them to the Star Gods and receive rewards instead? You decisions will shape the story and game as you play it. Who you favor will determine what you learn about the townsfolk, the gods, or even “mother” herself as they reveal their true intentions about the stones and their importance to the universe.



Legend of Frog is a community driven top down RPG Roguelite where you will have the ability to develop content with various editors built into the game and through our discord, working directly with the developers. Some of the planned features include a dungeon editor, monster editor, weapon/armor editor, and cinematic editor. With these tools, players can submit content for the game directly to the developers review for feedback. Upon approval, content get added into the game and creators are credited in game for their contribution. The sky's the limit when it comes to what can be added to the game. Join us on our discord server and start suggesting ideas. If it is a fun, clever, or creative and is in scope of the project, we will do our best to get it in!




The games development process will go through three phases during its development cycle. Phase 1 beginning with the announcement of this public pitch.


Phase 1 - General funding through patreon. No rewards planned. Everyone will have access to the pre-alpha. General game construction, editors to be built. General game content creation with 1 or 2 endings, various items, and god interactions planned.


Phase 2 -  General game completed, content creation through editors, and discord. Multiple endings, original soundtrack, weapons monsters, lore, NPC interactions, secrets and much more to be added. Game is funded through Patreon as a free to play daily model, subscription to continue. Advanced patreons will have access to content editors. Prices to be discussed with community. This phase will last until the developers and community are satisfied completely with the game.


Phase 3 - Final game is released, all patreon contributors will receive a free copy of completed game.

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